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Face Shields

Can the face shields be re-used?
Absolutely! We designed our shields to be reusable. 

How do I clean the face shields?
Use glass cleaner and non-abrasive cloth and gently wipe the shield to keep it clean. 

Does the mask fit all sizes?
Yes, you can adjust the elastic band to make the shield tighter or looser.

How do I assemble it?
Assembling is super easy! Just follow the instructions we provide and loop the elastic band into the slots! It will take you less than a minute to put it together.

Can you customize it?
Yes, you can customize the top band of the shields with your logo, colour, and even name! Minimum quantity: 50.

Do you have the product in stock?
We have hundreds in stock and are constantly making more to keep the turnaround time as quick as possible.

Can I pick it up in Vancouver to save shipping cost?
Yes, you can pick them up directly from our shop in Vancouver, BC. Please message us to book an appointment. 

Sanitizing Station

What material do you use?
We use a thick white corrugate cardboard like material called, conVerd Board™ . We chose the material because it's sturdy and 100% recyclable.

Can I use my logo and brand colour?
Yes, we can customize and add your logo and brand colours in any configuration. Please contact us and we can work with you on a design.

Can I use it outdoor?
Yes, but it will not last in the rain, so please bring it inside if it starts raining. Comfortable weather conditions preferred. Average wind speeds will not blow the unit over.

How do I clean it?
The station is laminated on all front facing areas for easy maintenance so you can wipe it down with a damp cloth.


Is it easy to apply?
Very! Just wipe the surface area clean first before applying.

How long does the sticker last?
We use the highest quality vinyls for all our stickers and in standard environment, they would last 7 years outdoors and even longer indoors.

Can you cut a custom design or size for us?
Absolutely! Contact us to get started.


What can I put the vinyls on?
Concrete, brick, tile, wood, asphalt, carpet. They can also be used in and near heavy use locations. 

Are your floor vinyls slip resistant?
You bet! We use Alumigraphics Rough Surface Non-Slip Vinyl to keep you and your team safe. The vinyls are compatible with international slip-resistant standards and comes with a class A fire rating. We also offer overlaminate with gripping textured surface that exceeds OSHA and ADA standards for non-slip protection on hazardous surfaces. Certified as "High Traction" by the NFSI. 

Can I place it outside?
Yes, the vinyls are UV resistant with a 9 year guarantee and reflective surface for high visibility at night time. The overlaminate vinyls are designed for gripping in wet areas, perfect for Vancouver's unpredictable weather!

Can you install the vinyls for us?
Yes! We have a professional installer with over 30 years of experience ready to help. Contact us and we can figure out a schedule.